User-Friendly Design

The IBS money transfer platform boasts a user-friendly design tailored for efficient online money and business management. Its interface is characterized by a straightforward menu layout, ensuring users can easily navigate and access essential features. This intuitive design is crafted to streamline transactions and simplify financial operations for both individuals and businesses alike. With IBS's commitment to user-centric design, users can expect a seamless experience that prioritizes clarity and ease of use. Whether you're transferring funds or overseeing business transactions, the platform's user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free experience every time.

Comprehensive Transaction Histories

The IBS money transfer system offers users a comprehensive and straightforward view of their cashflow and transaction history. By providing detailed insights into every financial transaction, the platform ensures transparency at every step. Users can effortlessly track and monitor their money movements, fostering a heightened sense of confidence and trust in their dealings. With the convenience of easy-access to transaction history, individuals and businesses alike can make informed decisions and stay informed about their financial activities. IBS's commitment to clarity and accessibility ensures that users have a clear understanding of their financial journey.

Evaluate Your Transactions

Dive into your IBS money transfer account to assess and categorize the magnitude of your transactions. By utilizing the platform's analytical capabilities, you can easily identify the individuals or entities behind the most significant financial activities within your account. Unravel the details of the largest transfers and understand the patterns and frequencies of such transactions. With IBS's comprehensive tools, discerning the scale and impact of your financial movements becomes effortlessly accessible. Stay informed and proactive as you navigate and prioritize your account's transactional data.

Protected Transactional Process

Utilizing IBS money transfer technology offers a fortified layer of security for your financial transactions. Each transaction is safeguarded by requiring approval through a unique debit pin, ensuring that only authorized actions are executed on your account. This multi-faceted security measure enhances confidence and trust in the platform, making sure that every money transfer is both efficient and secure. Rely on IBS's advanced security protocols to protect your funds and ensure peace of mind during every transaction.

Efficient QR-Based Transactions

Harnessing the power of QR technology, IBS money transfer simplifies the process of sending and receiving funds to an unprecedented level of convenience. With just a simple scan, users can swiftly initiate or accept transactions without the usual hassles of traditional methods. This innovative approach ensures rapid and error-free fund transfers, making financial interactions seamless for all users. Embracing QR technology underscores IBS's commitment to modernizing the transactional experience, providing users with a quick and reliable means of managing their finances.

Individual Transaction Records

Utilizing the index feature within the IBS money transfer system, users can efficiently narrow down and explore the detailed transaction history of specific individuals. This streamlined search capability offers a comprehensive view, enabling users to gain insights into particular persons' financial activities. Whether for personal reference or business needs, this tool ensures clarity and transparency in tracking individual transactions. Leveraging this feature, users can confidently delve deeper into the nuances of any person's monetary engagements.

User-Friendly Design

A straight-forward menu design for managing your online money and business.

Easy-access to Transaction History

With detailed and easy-access to cashflow and transaction history, you will gain transparency and confidence in your money transactions.

Secured way of Sending Money

With IBS technology, you know your account is secured by approving of the transaction with debit pin.

Rank Your Transactions

Get to know who made the biggest transaction on your account.

QR Technology

By using QR, convenient way of sending and receiving funds is never been easy.

Person’s Transaction History

Narrow your search by using index and know specific person’s transaction history.

Types of Account

Personal Account

Business Account


Feature comparison to other digital wallet systems.

Feature/AspectIBS MTSOther Systems
System ArchitectureUses framework programming and Cloud Computing security.Relies on a SIM smart card storing identification, tethering the smartphone to a specific mobile network.
Platform AccessibilityOperable on both PC, mobile phones, and via an APP.Accounts restricted to mobile phone use via an APP; inoperable on PCs.
Data StorageWeb-based storage: secure, non-depletable, with no risk of data loss.Smaller data storage; high risk of loss if SIM is damaged, lost, or PUK is initiated.
Flexibility & AccessibilityAccessible anytime, anywhere from any device.Limited to a single cellphone; inoperable if phone is lost, low battery, or SIM is damaged.
Security MeasuresExclusive system; no external API or email connections; protected against cyber threats.Dependent on emails; connected to external systems via APIs for Ads and banking.
Account Creation & AuthenticationIn-person account creation with valid IDs; re-authentication every 2nd anniversary.Easily downloadable; multiple accounts possible with new SIMs and fake IDs.
Transaction Records & ReportsDetailed transaction records by date, rank views, and person-to-person history available.Often presents transaction reports in a conversation style, omitting essential details.
Protection Against Unauthorized TransactionsUses Debit PIN; protects against unauthorized transactions and unauthorized data access.Vulnerable to unauthorized outgoing transactions when left logged in.
Cashflow & Transaction MonitoringRunning Cashflow View; displays credits, debits, and COH balances.No running Cashflow; only displays COH balance, which can become invisible during downtimes.
Government & Regulatory ComplianceProvides AMLA access for anti-money laundering efforts; requires in-person business registration.Limited AMLA viewability; easily downloadable accounts; not all types of transactions monitored.
Digitalization & Financial InclusionAids in government's push for digitalization; enables quasi-banking for the unbanked.Many unbanked remain marginalized due to system limitations; no comprehensive monitoring of transactions.
Merchant & Business SupportProvides POS tools, secure transactions, and helps in payroll and expenses management.Not universally accepted by small merchants; requires cash-out for transactions in certain establishments.
Family & Personal Financial ManagementAids in personal accounting, emergency fund transfers, and monitoring children's expenses.Limited functionalities; not tailored for family or personal financial management.
General System AdvantagesEnables real-time, secure, and easy-to-use money management; encourages digital financial transactions.Limited functionality; potential security risks; not universally adaptable.


Features/BenefitsIBS MTSOther Systems
Anti-Money Laundering- Enables AMLA to view transaction purposes individually. - Facilitates easy identification of suspicious transactions.- Potential approval of fake accounts. - Limited government monitoring capabilities.
Business Registration- Requires in-person registration with updated documents. - Ensures businesses comply with government regulations.- May allow easily downloadable accounts with potential fake documents.
Government & Tax Compliance- Facilitates secure SSS deductions. - Assists BIR with accurate business insights.- Limited government monitoring. - Lack of comprehensive transaction insights.
Central Bank Monitoring- Provides real-time audit capabilities. - Supports the transition to a cashless society.- Limited transparency in cash flow. - Challenges with SIM system capability.
Financial Deposits- Increases bank funds due to substantial deposits. - Facilitates secure and large-scale financial transactions.- Limited deposits due to potential cash-out fears.
Financial Tracking & Analysis- Offers real-time cashflow insights for informed decisions. - Facilitates quasi-banking for the unbanked.- Limited financial tracking capabilities. - Challenges for the unbanked population.
User Accessibility- Web-based, user-friendly interface. - Promotes digital financial inclusivity.- Limited acceptance among small merchants. - Focused on specific user demographics.
Security & Fraud Prevention- Secured transactions with Debit PINs. - Protects against theft and fraudulent activities.- Potential vulnerabilities with downloadable systems. - Limited fraud prevention measures.
Business Operations- Efficient POS systems for real-time sales. - Streamlined payroll and expense management.- Challenges in business operations. - Lack of integrated payroll tools.
Family & Personal Use- Facilitates personal financial management. - Enables secure fund transfers and monitoring.- Limited family-focused financial tools. - Challenges with personal fund management.

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